Sleeping Paralysis that Affected My Life


I cannot explain my experience of sleeping paralysis 😭 I was about 12 when I had first experience. After that, it troubled my whole life including my study and sleeping habit. I didn't sleep up to 4 nights due to this evils problem. I was unable to explain my parents about my problem. One day my mom noticed while I was facing such experience. She told me that I had nightmare (ऐठान) and she put me tika on my forehead which was made up of spit (थुक) and dust of big toe (खुट्टाको बुढी औँलाको धुलो) saying that witch (बोक्सी) is playing with me. After putting tika it gave me relief for whole week. I was very thankful to my mother. 

But, after a week it happened me again. She told me to put weapon made up of iron (हसिया/खुकुरी/बन्चरो) and it also gave me relief for some days. Moreover, I followed many spiritual guideline and rituals of religious gurus, pandit, lama, purohit and more like: putting lines of asses (खरानीको लक्ष्मण रेखा) around my bed, keeping chanted rice on the pillow, putting chanted vaccine (मन्त्रेको टीका) mode up of of assess, etc. 
I also wore Jantar on my neck but after 2/3 months those remedies also got failed. Finally, I got failed on one subject (Major English) in grade 11. But, after giving chance exam I completed my back papers. Again such evil things happened in my life during my bachelor study. 

I was totality isolated and helpless as I was far from my home (Syangja, Malyangkot) at Khairenitar, Tanahun and studied at Bhanubhakta Campus, Belchautara, Tanahun. 
I am not telling false and fictional story, but I was about to do suicide but my upcoming responsibilities and love of family members didn't let me to do so. Literally, I became like a mental patient. 
During that time I stated using mobile phones lots on night time and slept lots on day time. I started to become absent unwillingly on my class, talking with myself unknowingly, staring or feeling sleepy into the classroom. 
I pretended to be happy in front of my riends but inside I was becoming like a psycho path. I didn't had interest on game so I used mobile lots started chatting or flirting with strangers to pass the night times. 
I feel humilited to tell that, I went college 5 times on Saturday forgetting the holiday during my college life because of improper sleeping pattern. I become looser and got failed in 1 subjects in 1st year, 2 subjects in second year and 1 subjects in 3rd year. 
After finishing my college life, I stared working on night shift at Yodha Astrology (Top astrology service provide of Nepal) and got chance to know spiritual aspects of many things including nightmare which changed life totality. I earned good money giving psychological and astrological advice to other with the help of Astrologer there. After working up to 6 months there, I came back to my village to serve the public as a teacher. 
Now a days I am working as teacher at Khadgakali Secondary School. Yah! sometime good name and fame with financial stability also comes in my mine but I am happy with my current profession. 
After 9/10 years of such a fearful experience it stopped to happen me again. But now a days also, it happens to me sometime but I can easily handle my situation. I can easily predict that sleeping paralysis is likely to happen to me as I can feel body and mind isolation while lying on the bed.

Possible solution for it as per my experience:

1. Don't sleep putting your hands on your chest.

2. Put your index finger and big finger together if you think such things likely to happen. Also you may consider to put toes of two legs together. If you do so so, you will get awake while having nightmare.
3. Drink a glass of water and do Yoga activity or you may also read book.
4. Put iron on your bed as to reduced gravity force as it also plays role to bring such situation. And also don't make your pillow very big or down.
5. Don't run after superstition like witch (भूत प्रेत), ghost sprit (भूतको आत्मा), etc. as it brings psychological disorder on your mind.
6. Explain your problem with physic doctor.
6. Do regular exercise and exercise. And fix your sleeping pattern.

Thanks for reading my experience. 

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